Strategic Marketing, Communications & Design

Change Management

We like change, but know that it can be complicated - especially when you're trying to enact change across an organization. We will work to understand the current state to help your organization evolve. Perceive will then work with your team to develop a plan that will move your employees through the various stages of our Visible Change Management model. The key elements include:

  • Strategic Communication Plan;
  • Tactical Project Plan;
  • Editorial Calendar;
  • Customer Messaging;
  • Employee Broadcast E-Mails;
  • Press Releases;
  • Webinars;
  • Multimedia Messaging;
  • Social Media Planning and Rollout.

By focusing on communicating exactly how your teams are going to be affected, why you're making the change, and the results you expect, you'll reduce confusion, stress, and anxiety so everyone can focus on getting their work done.


A detailed plan isn't the end point. We develop training strategies and tactics to foster the behavior shifts and employee engagement that should result from the change management initiative. For a global workforce, we utilize eLearning training solutions to satisfy the training needs, while also taking advantage of the cost savings that eLearning offers. Although there are a myriad of technology based solutions, it is imperative to select the appropriate medium for the training need at hand. A full training kit ensures your organization knows their way through to the destination and includes such tools as:

  • Video;
  • Webinars;
  • Screencasting/Podcasting;
  • Flash Loops;
  • Computer-Based-Training (CBT) Development;
  • Courseware Development.